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Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

Skin Care

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

“Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness”.

So, investing in your skin is the priority of a woman to give a youthful touch by beating the age factor. That’s why for the beautiful skin, we provide acne Treatments, anti-aging treatments, Special Treatments for that glowing skin that nurture your outer layer and let it inhale with a glorious effect. Body treatments like spa and massage, waxing, and lots more are customised according to your skin type to give it a bloom of softness, supple, and perfectly radiant complexion. Within your hectic lifestyle, this is non-negotiable to forget the presentable skin that you always deserve. Therefore, Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio helps to keep your skin appealing by:

Spa and Massage

Our spa and massages includes strawberry body polish, rose honey body wrap, five oils body massage, and several other organic spa’s and body massage treatments for the younger looking skin. No matter what your skin type is, with our skin care service, you will always tend to have the photogenic outer body layer that will let you feel confident every time.


“That’s the thing about the pain, it demands to be felt.” But, here at Pinks & Peaches, with our expert care, we tend to offer a waxing that is less painless and harmless to your skin. 100% organic waxing flavours of chocolate, Aloe Vera, honey, lemon, and strawberry are used to remove the skin tan and burn without any hassle.

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